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Renewal SA Strategic Plan brochure

Our strategic priorities and strategic framework

Renewal SA is an important enabler of economic and social growth and every member of our team is a contributor to positive change for South Australia,

The priorities identified in our Strategic Plan 2023 - 2026 are in lockstep with state government priorities and reflect the wide remit of projects and programs with which we are delegated. They are also strongly aligned with our vision which is to create lasting impact through property, projects and partnerships that deliver liveability, sustainability and affordability for South Australia.

Our priorities are to increase the amount and availability of affordable housing, create connected and sustainable communities, accelerate the supply of housing in our regions, unlock land for industrial and commercial developments and contribute meaningfully to the reduction of carbon emissions to reach the government’s target of net carbon zero by 2050.

Strategic priorities

Our strategic framework sets out how we will deliver on our strategic priorities.

Annual reports

Each year the Urban Renewal Authority (trading as Renewal SA) provides annual reports for submission to Cabinet. Urban Renewal Authority (URA) annual reports are developed in accordance with the Department of Premier and Cabinet Circular: PC013 – Annual Reporting Requirements.

Each annual report incorporates audited financial statements for the year ending 30 June as required by the Urban Renewal Act 1995.

Commencing with the 2016–17 annual reporting cycle, non-statutory information previously presented in annual reports is now published on Data.SA.

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