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Community members at the Forestville community engagement day

We engage with communities at all stages of our projects, from planning through to completion and ensure that their views are reflected in the places we create.

Community members help us to understand the local area and aspirations, develop and review design options and work with us on delivering urban renewal.

Community and stakeholder engagement

Our approach to engagement is guided by the Government of South Australia’s Better Together Principles of Engagement and Renewal SA’s own engagement policy, to enable a consistent approach to engagement that is genuine, effective and based on best practice.

We use the levels defined in the Public Participation Spectrum, developed by the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) and endorsed by State Government, as a framework to help us plan engagement with our stakeholders and communities.

Levels of participation from the Spectrum can vary among stakeholders and vary for the same stakeholder at different stages of a project.

We engage communities because our projects are about creating communities and we value the important contribution that communities make in working with us to plan and deliver projects.

Our past and current engagement activities include:

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