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Renewal SA members talking with Kuma Kaaru Dance Group

Acknowledgment of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the Lands throughout South Australia.

We respect and support their spiritual relationship with Country and connection to their land, waters and community.

As an organisation that is passionate about creating a better future for all South Australians, we are committed to working with First Nations peoples to ensure Culture and Country is respected in everything we do and is represented through our people and projects.

Our vision for reconciliation

Renewal SA’s vision for reconciliation is one where Culture and Country are fully interwoven with property and development; where our shared history connects us to place and is a source of pride.

Our vision is about strengthening respect for First Nations cultures and forging genuine partnerships to create meaningful social, cultural and economic change.

As the state government’s urban development agency, we are seeking to become a leader of reconciliation within South Australia’s property and development sector. Reconciliation is one of our strategic foundations and we recognise and respect the Traditional Owners of the land on which we live and will work together to deliver our Reconciliation Action Plan.

Our commitment to reconciliation

We represent an industry inescapably tied to the land. We know that each of our projects are located on land that has been nurtured by First Nations peoples for thousands of years.

In 2019, Renewal SA formally committed to reconciliation by joining Reconciliation Australia’s RAP program. We undertook a Reflect RAP, which was an important first step to prepare our organisation for the development and delivery of meaningful and sustainable reconciliation initiatives.

We undertook the next part of our reconciliation journey through our Innovate RAP (March 2022 – March 2024). This RAP outlined a series of actions and deliverables that has helped us take our commitment to reconciliation from aspiration to reality. We will be undertaking an additional Innovate RAP in the near future.

We are committed to working with First Nations peoples to bring the best elements of Culture and Country to the fore and delivering those through our projects.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan Artwork | YALTANA YARTA

Our RAP artwork was created by local Ngarrindjeri, Kaurna, Yankunytjatjara artist, Allan Sumner.

In 2020, 42 Renewal SA staff attended a series of co-design workshops, sharing their understanding and ideas of what they wanted our RAP artwork to represent.

Allan considered this and what is important to our organisation and created “Yaltana Yarta” - Fresh Country. Yaltana meaning “Fresh or New”, Yarta meaning “Land or Country”.

This artwork is about Renewal SA and First Nations people working together, learning together, sitting down at the same table together and planning the future landscape of South Australia.


  • Blue represents the water in the landscape which gives life to all things.
  • Green represents our environment and caring for Country.
  • The eight larger circular campsites represent Renewal SA’s growing organisation across South Australia.
  • The four smaller outer campsites represent First Nations communities across South Australia.
  • The bottom right campsite represents First Nations women and their voices in our communities.
  • The bottom left campsite represents First Nations men and their voices in our communities.
  • The two campsites at the top represent the coming together of Renewal SA and First Nations communities to celebrate diversity and joint achievements.

Reconciliation cultural advisors

We have engaged external First Nations Cultural Advisors from community to provide cultural knowledge and guidance to support the implementation of our Innovate RAP.

Our reconciliation action plan

Reconciliation Committee

With a clear mandate set by the Executive Team, the Reconciliation Committee is responsible for initiating, implementing and driving all activities associated with the Innovate RAP. Importantly, this committee will remain in place to oversee the continuing implementation of the developed action register.

Renewal SA Reconciliation Committee members

L-R back row: Frances Richards, Jed Gunn, Gemma Leak, Teresa Gentile L-R front row: Kyran Dixon, Jess Davies-Huynh, Aunty Yvonne Agius, Chris Menz *Absent from photo: Josh Leane and Emma Nasra

For information on our RAP and journey of reconciliation contact:

Skye Bayne
Executive Director, Sales and Corporate Affairs
0412 254 445
[email protected]


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