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Community at eth Town Park, Bowden

About community planning

Community planning plays a pivotal role in creating liveable communities, vibrant local economies, sustainable places, diverse cultural expression and social cohesion.

Renewal SA works with community members and other stakeholders to deliver residential housing ensuring that the resulting communities are safer and more sustainable.

Our community planning focus involves considering the needs and aspirations of communities including:

  • housing diversity
  • community facilities and recreation
  • accessibility and mobility
  • health and safety
  • community and economic development
  • cultural heritage and development
  • workforce participation opportunities.

Creating great places

Renewal SA creates great places and liveable communities by ensuring that developments are carefully planned and designed in partnership with delivery partners, local communities and other stakeholders.

Our communities:

  • provide a diversity of dwellings, facilities and mixed uses that reflect the broad socio-economic needs of a community
  • are located close to employment areas, local facilities and education and learning opportunities
  • have their own character and identity where items or places of cultural and heritage significance are interpreted and celebrated
  • provide access to local services such as transport, food, shopping, sports and fitness and health as well as schools, childcare, parks, playgrounds, recreational facilities and other amenities
  • include gathering places –streets, footpaths, parks, buildings, and other public spaces designed to invite interaction and foster healthier, sociable and more economically viable communities
  • facilitate opportunities for walking and cycling and ‘streets for people’ in our communities
  • are valued by the community and admired by visitors
  • create environments for a range of ages, abilities, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds
  • ensure we understand existing communities and integrate the new with the established.
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