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Works Program graduates at Lot Fourteen

The Works Program builds capacity and generates economic development in communities through training and employment initiatives. Through Renewal SA’s urban renewal activities, the Works Program creates local jobs, supports social enterprise and builds capacity within the community.

In 2008, Renewal SA established a community training and employment model to build capacity and maximise community and social inclusion benefits from our urban renewal activities.

Our earliest training and employment programs were run within our Playford Alive project. These first programs proved so successful that we have progressively extended these initiatives across all Renewal SA projects.

Now known as the Works Program, initiatives carried out under this banner are developed in partnership with project partners, training providers and stakeholders to benefit local communities.

To date, the Works Program has secured more than $21 million in funding in partnership with stakeholders, resulting in more than 4,100 people benefiting from work experience and 2,100+ gaining paid employment through our initiatives to date.

The Works Program delivers economic outcomes through:

  • Employment, work experience and immersion opportunities embedded in Renewal SA-managed contracts
  • engagement, training and employment initiatives in partnership with industry, community groups and registered training organisations.

Activities under this banner are developed in partnership with a variety of project partners, training providers and interest groups to benefit the communities in and around Renewal SA projects.

Current training and employment programs

We partner with registered training organisations and stakeholders to deliver a range of training and pre-employment programs.

We also facilitate live training sites using Renewal SA-owned land to provide local on-site training models for hands-on delivery of accredited training.

These programs focus on the skillsets needed within industry and are designed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills for work experience and paid opportunities with local employers.

If you are a job seeker, student, or someone seeking to refer others to our initiatives please register your interest to be notified of future training and employment programs and initiatives.

Join the program that trained the 2023 SA Childcare Educator of the year.

Susan Barker, a previous graduate from this program was recently announced as SA's Best Childcare Educator. Susan has continued her career at Stepping Stone (SA) and is now an award-winning industry leader. Stepping Stone (SA) Childcare & Early Development Centres Pre-employment programs are available in both Northern and Southern Adelaide.

Work experience and paid opportunities

Economic development commitment clauses are written into Renewal SA-managed contracts to ensure our contractors provide a range of work experience, industry immersion, and paid employment opportunities for participants.

These opportunities provide invaluable experience, helping participants to develop employability skills, prepare them for the workforce and assist with career pathway decisions by providing insight into a wide range of industries.

Our work experience opportunities cover a wide range of industries and disciplines including civil and general construction, landscaping, marketing, real estate, engineering, design and surveying.

Where available, paid opportunities may be offered to successful work experience participants following placement.

If you are a job seeker, student, or someone seeking to refer others to our initiatives please register your interest to be notified of future opportunities.

Register your interest in our Works Program

Employment and capacity building

The Works Program is committed to supporting our contractors, stakeholders and communities through activities and initiatives designed to build capacity.

Through advocacy, engagement, and education we seek to share knowledge, build partnerships, and improve cross-industry collaboration. This includes seeking to build awareness of the benefits of school-based apprenticeships and increasing the use of social enterprises and First Nations businesses within the supply chain.

We support a range of education outreach programs and partner to develop industry immersion activities designed to assist high school students make informed career pathway decisions.

STEM Works at Tonsley

STEM Works at Tonsley are industry-focused educational tours that introduce students and teachers to the future of STEM careers.

Delivered in partnership with STEM Fast Track, STEM Works at Tonsley provide immersive experiences and living lessons with real-work relevance for students to discover the importance of STEM for future careers.

How students and teachers can benefit from STEM Works at Tonsley:

  • Change the way students see their futures and learn what they are working towards
  • Explore the impressive line-up of high-tech businesses in Tonsley Innovation District
  • Go behind the scenes and explore in greater depth a high-tech business
  • Learn how industry, research and government work together
  • Supports learning outcomes across all STEM fields as well as other subjects.

Tours are aimed at year 5 to year 12 students and are available until June 2024

Bookings can be made here via Humanitix or please see the brochure below for more information.

Contact Teresa Janowski at STEM Fast Track on
0402 157 787 or [email protected]

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