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Family house hunting at Playford Alive

Recognising that supply, diversity and affordability is a critical issue across all elements of public and private housing, the government has launched a comprehensive housing package, A Better Housing Future, to undertake immediate and long-term action to address housing pressure and support around $965 million of additional construction activity.

Renewal SA, working closely with our development partners, government agencies and community housing providers, is in a unique position to redress housing affordability and significantly increase the availability of affordable homes for purchase and rent through its projects.

By helping more South Australians access affordable housing and rental properties, from detached dwellings, to townhouses, and apartments, we can deliver lasting change in the lives of many.

Affordable housing is housing for people on low-to moderate-incomes and includes both rental and home ownership. SA Housing Authority manages delivery of the 15% affordable housing policy on behalf of the South Australian Government.

This involves:

  • facilitating partnerships between private industry and not-for-profit providers to deliver commercially successful developments that include affordable housing
  • providing 'best practice' advice to industry on designing and marketing affordable housing
  • providing support, information and education to assist local government to include affordable housing in their local area
  • working with financial institutions to improve purchasing power for buyers.
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