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Lot Fourteen, on the site of the former Royal Adelaide Hospital, is being transformed into a global precinct where ideas and innovation come to life and thousands of people will work, study and visit.

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Latest news

Hansen Yuncken to refurbish heritage-listed Bice Building

8 September 2020 in Lot Fourteen

Hansen Yuncken was recently awarded the contract to restore the state heritage-listed Bice Building at Lot Fourteen following an open public tender process.

EOI sought for Entrepreneur and Innovation Centre at Lot Fourteen

4 August 2020 in Development Opportunities, Lot Fourteen

Renewal SA, on behalf of the state government, is seeking proponents with demonstrated experience in successfully delivering complex and innovative projects to deliver a world-class …

Set the ball rolling on a career in demolition

24 July 2020 in Work experience + paid opportunities, Works Program, Lot Fourteen

McMahon Services Demolition Division, in partnership with Renewal SA’s Works Program, is looking for motivated and committed people living in Adelaide, who are keen to start a career as a Demolition Technician. Registrations close on 18 August 2020.

About Lot Fourteen

One of the most exciting urban renewal projects in Australia, Lot Fourteen is backed by the South Australian and Australian governments and is a key focus of the $551 million Adelaide City Deal to provide a springboard for innovation and bring together the state’s leading abilities in space, defence, hi-tech and creative industries.

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Creating our global precinct

The following documents provide a comprehensive overview of the current plans for the development of Lot Fourteen.

Community consultation

Through a series of engagement opportunities, Renewal SA has heard the thoughts and ideas of diverse stakeholders and communities in South Australia on how Lot Fourteen could be developed.

Development Plan Amendment (DPA)

Project progress

Watch the following video for a wrap up of the latest demolition works.

On behalf of the state government, Renewal SA is overseeing the planning and physical redevelopment of the former Royal Adelaide Hospital site to create the Lot Fourteen innovation and ideas precinct. This includes planning, demolition of obsolete buildings on the Lot Fourteen site, the refurbishment of heritage and historic buildings, landscaping, civil works and construction.

Renewal SA is targeting a 6-Star Green Star Communities Certification and is the first registered WELL Communities Pilot project in Australia, demonstrating that the project is leading the way in the development of communities that embody sustainability and a commitment to wellbeing.

As part of that commitment, all surplus equipment and various waste streams are being recycled. For example, surplus equipment and medical supplies which were not needed for the new Royal Adelaide Hospital were distributed to hospitals and other healthcare organisations in developing countries by Rotary Australia World Community Service.

Other examples of recycling include:

  • Bricks and concrete recycled for use as road surface
  • Ferrous metals (those that contain iron) in components such as steel beams, wall frames, concrete reinforcing, ducting, tanks and roof sheeting were separated to be melted down and recast as new products
  • Non-ferrous materials (made from metals that do not contain iron including aluminium, copper, lead, zinc tin, gold and silver)
  • Green waste recycled as mulch.

It is expected that in excess of 100,000 tonnes of material will be recycled by the time the hospital demolition program is complete.

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