Community members help us develop the vision, review design options and work with us on urban renewal.

We engage with the communities we work with and ensure that their views are reflected in the places we create.

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Place making

We identify and facilitate a range of activities which contribute to the desired identity, character and essence of the places we build so that they promote people's health, happiness and well being.

Recent place making projects

The character and essence of a location
shapes everything we do
to make it a great place.

Community + stakeholder consultation

We develop and implement engagement strategies for all our projects and review these regularly.

Current consultation activities

Our engagement framework

We use a framework to help us define the level of engagement for each stage of our projects.

Developed by the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2), and endorsed by state government, the Public Participation Spectrum has differing levels of engagement depending on the stage and the project.

Past consultation

This section is where you can find results of past consultation activities on various projects, programs and initiatives.

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