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Jayden and Zaydn

In a bid to address the growing demand for skilled labor in the construction industry, Centina has expanded its collaboration with Renewal SA's Works Program. This initiative aims to pave the way for more young individuals to secure their spot in the booming building industry.

The collaboration sees Centina welcome two new apprentices, Zaydn Seabourne-Ludbrook and Jayden Nelson, both gaining hands-on experience at the Tapestry development in Bowden.

Centina General Manager Brad Weaver says the collaboration offers benefits for all involved.

"For us, it's about opening doors for the next generation to support our industry,” Brad says. “How do we be more productive in a construction industry that is struggling for skilled labor? It all starts with initiatives like the Renewal SA Works Program."

“They've spent some time in our modular facility, building the innovative way of the future with the modular housing type stuff, so they're getting a good cross-section of experience very early in their career,” Brad explains.

Brad says it’s been a seamless transition for the business, working together with the Works Program to find and secure the candidates.

“They started as work experience students, showed really good initiative and commitment, and they're going leaps and bounds in their career already,” he says.

Zaydn, 17, is Centina’s first school-based apprentice from St Patricks Technical College and is currently completing a Certificate III in Carpentry.

“I'll go to school on a Monday and Tuesday and then I'll go to work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,” Zaydn says. “Being at school for five days a week was just getting too much – I really needed to go out and just work, be with other people and earn my own money. At Centina, everyone’s inclusive. There’s good teamwork and a good work ethic between everyone.”

Jayden agrees with the great team environment and aspires to grow his carpentry career.

“The apprenticeship is for four years and after that I am going to go for a carpenter role, and potentially my Builders Licence,” he says.

Renewal SA Development Manager Daley Mackenzie says the Works Program is dedicated to fostering opportunities for aspiring individuals.

“Renewal SA’s core business is around development and delivery, but we've also got a social responsibility with government to deliver opportunities for people and foster the construction industry going forward,” Daley explains.

“I think the Works Program does a really fantastic job of finding that balance and providing some guidance to people as they work their way through the early parts of their career, giving them an opportunity to be successful and develop themselves professionally and find that footing in the industry.”

With development contracts often stipulating provisions for work experience and training opportunities, initiatives like the Works Program play a pivotal role in bridging the skills gap and ensuring the industry's future viability.

With a shared commitment to innovation and talent development, the collaboration between Centina and Renewal SA’s Works Programs sets a compelling example for fostering sustainable growth within the construction sector.

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