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An open public road leading to a series of new multi storey houses with trees and landscaped gardens on the footpaths, all in illustrative render format.

The Seaton Demonstration Project has been announced by the Hon Premier Stephen Marshall MP. This project forms part of the State government’s commitment to building a better housing future for all South Australia and revitalising government landholdings in areas originally developed in the post war period by SA Housing Trust.

The project area, which is bounded by Matthews Avenue in the north, Lark Avenue in the east, Glenburnie Street in the south and Frederick Road in the west, contains a high proportion of SA Housing Trust-owned houses that are of older construction, expensive to maintain and do not meet today’s lifestyle and needs of the community. The demonstration project aims to rejuvenate the area and create a place where people want to live, work and play.

Renewal SA has been engaged by SA Housing Authority to commence the revitalisation. It is proposed that the new mix of housing will include 101 homes in total, made up of

  • 43 affordable homes
  • 16 social housing
  • 42 house and land market sales
  • And, a new 2600sqm landscaped reserve.

An EOI will be released to appoint contractors and builders to undertake land division and building works. It is expected demolition of existing properties will commence later this year, to be followed by civil works in late-2021 and construction in late-2022.

The Seaton Demonstration Project, will highlight the importance of urban renewal and the significant impact it has on the community socially, economically and environmentally. It will demonstrate how diverse housing design provides greater housing choices, improved housing infrastructure, integrated planned open spaces, revived streetscapes and overall improved neighbourhood amenity.

Once completed, affordable housing will be listed on HomeSeeker SA:

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