Environmental services

Our team of specialists in land, water, biodiversity, air and noise carries out preliminary site investigations, environmental site assessment, ongoing groundwater monitoring, site audits, remedial works and environmental due diligence on our projects.

About Environmental ServicesTonsley Village Environmental ManagementClovelly Park and Mitchell Park Environmental Management Project – Phase 2

About Environmental Services

Our Environmental Services group provides guidance and direction on all environmental matters associated with the acquisition, development, management and divestment of land.

In addition to procurement and management of a wide range of specialist environmental services, we deliver:

  • project management for the remediation for all Renewal SA projects including Bowden, Lot Fourteen and Tonsley
  • coordination and management of the environmental obligations in regards to disposal and acquisition of land
  • ensuring compliance with Renewal SA policies and procedures to maintain compliance with the Environment Protection Act 1993
  • and other relevant Acts with environmental components
  • project management for Renewal SA’s ongoing environmental commitments, such as groundwater monitoring, on sites like Our Port
  • advice to other government departments and agencies as required.

Other things we do include:

  • ensuring that sites are suitable for the proposed end use through the management of Site Contamination Auditors in accordance with the Environment Protection Act 1993
  • providing guidance on the suitability of fill on all Renewal SA sites
  • advising planners on environmental issues impacting rezoning and development applications
  • liaising with the Environmental Protection Authority
  • estimating costs for remediation of development sites.

Internally, we also offer guidance and direction on environmental communications with input into risk management strategies, community engagement and media responses.

Tonsley Village Environmental Management

Clovelly Park and Mitchell Park Environmental Management Project – Phase 2

In 2015 Renewal SA entered into a Voluntary Site Contamination Assessment Proposal with the Environmental Protection Authority and has now completed environmental investigations in Clovelly Park and Mitchell Park.

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