The Tonsley redevelopment is purposely designed to attract investment and create a thriving jobs and education precinct that includes residential and community living.

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The latest

Adversity sparking SA innovation

18 June 2020 in Tonsley

Adversity has become the parent of innovation for South Australian companies that have pivoted to meet the changing needs of organisations and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stars of sustainability

12 June 2020 in Bowden, Tonsley, Lot Fourteen

These stars in Adelaide’s sustainability firmament make living and working kind for people and the planet through thoughtful design and delivery.

Industrial hubs and hospitals reborn through adaptive reuse

18 February 2020 in Bowden, Tonsley, Lot Fourteen, Adaptive Reuse

The transformation of the Tonsley Mitsubishi assembly building into the home of future industries, Clipsal’s components factory in Bowden’s Plant 4 market and the former Royal Adelaide Hospital into SA’s innovation neighbourhood all demonstrate the potential of adaptive reuse to repurpose sites for modern uses while retaining their value.

About Tonsley

Tonsley brings together leading-edge research and education institutions, established businesses and start-ups, business incubators and accelerators, plus government and the wider community to connect and collaborate in Australia's first innovation district.


*upon completion of the project


Tonsley provides a high quality,
people-focused and
knowledge-driven environment.

Location facts

Tonsley is located on the site of the former Mitsubishi Motors plant on South Road, Tonsley.

Project progress

Since construction began in 2012, Tonsley has been progressing well as a vibrant, dynamic community of like-minded businesses that will shape a knowledge-based industrial future together.

Project targets

The next series of targets for Tonsley are:


Tonsley’s 6 Star Green Star accreditation is an unprecedented milestone for the South Australian building industry.

The internationally recognised certification, awarded by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), represents the highest level of leadership and innovation in sustainable design and building practices.

Tonsley is one of Australia’s only urban renewal development to achieve this level of certification and is a testament to the world-class design principles which have guided the redevelopment of the former Mitsubishi site.

Partners + investors

TAFE SA, Flinders University, Siemens, Signostics, and ZEN Energy are a few of our industry partners and investors.

Partners + investors
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