Northern Lefevre Open Space

The Northern Lefevre Open Space Project, now complete, involved landscaping five key sites on the Northern Lefevre Peninsula between Outer Harbour and North Haven.

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About Northern Lefevre Open Space

In 2010 a master plan was completed for an approach to develop the open space network to include conservation areas, recreation facilities, pedestrian and cycling trails and playgrounds.

In early 2011 design work commenced around the five priority precincts:


The Northern Lefevre Open Space project, completed in 2013, transformed 89 hectares of undeveloped land into landscaped recreation areas and biodiversity conservation parks.


This site symbolises
movement – migration,
arrival and departure.

Lady Ruthven Reserve

Lady Ruthven Reserve is a part of the initial gateway experience for visitors to our state from ocean liners, as well as a destination point for the Coastal Park walk, cycle path network, local residents and fishing enthusiasts.

Biodiversity Park

The primary focus for Biodiversity Park is natural systems, fauna and flora. Embracing nature is expressed though all landscape interventions allowing contemplation and reflection at key points.

Kardi Yarta

Kardi Yarta - means “Emu Country” in the Kaurna language. The concept for Kardi Yarta is about embracing Aboriginal dreaming stories which are significant to the area and providing a natural play space for children aged 3 to 12 to explore.

Failie Reserve

Named after the Falie, an historic trading vessel, Failie Reserve is for informal recreation, stormwater management and planting of local endemic species.

Mutton Cove Buffers

This site essentially forms a buffer between two different land uses - conservation and industry. the aim of the Mutton Cove Buffers is to protect and enhance biodiversity and support existing recreational activities.

Partners + collaborators

Partners + collaborators
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