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Four fishing ships docked at a port on a clear day.

Dock Two, Port Adelaide, is the preferred home for land-based historic vessels including the City of Adelaide clipper ship, schooner Nelcebee and other vessels that make up the collection of the South Australian Maritime Museum, as outlined in Port Adelaide’s Historic Ships and Boats Strategy. Located on the northern side of the Port River Expressway, it is also where the workshop and maintenance facilities for on-water vessels the Failie and One and All are located.

The redevelopment of nearby Dock One into a residential and mixed-use precinct includes a proposed waterfront promenade and a pedestrian bridge that links it to Dock Two. This would facilitate a maritime heritage precinct, where pedestrians could begin at the One and All and Failie at McLaren’s Wharf, before continuing on to the City of Adelaide and Nelcebee at Dock Two.

Housing and Urban Development Minister, The Hon Stephen Mullighan, MP, acknowledged the potential of Dock Two’s redevelopment: “The development of a maritime precinct at Dock Two will create a new tourism attraction for tourists and local to access some of the Port’s rich maritime heritage.”

Mr Mullighan also noted that developing a maritime heritage precinct allows the Government of South Australia to deliver on its promise to designate a site for the City of Adelaide clipper ship.

The winning tender will need to draw upon the Port Adelaide Precinct Plan; a long term framework for the redevelopment of Port Adelaide; as well as the Historic Ships and Boats Strategy. Additionally, Dock Two is subject to the zoning provisions of the City of Port Adelaide Enfield Development Plan.

The tender call for the master plan closes at 2.00 pm Thursday, 8 June 2017 and should be submitted via Tenders SA’s online portal.

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