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A man and woman wearing Renewal SA-branded hard hats and yellow high-vis vests, standing together in a warehouse during the day while looking down at a site map held in the woman's hands.

The award recognises organisations in the property sector who are achieving genuine diversity in the workplace and leading by example when it comes to inclusion and opportunity.

Renewal SA Chief Executive Chris Menz, who accepted the award, said, “Workforce diversity is about so much more than achieving targets – it is the way that we are enriching our culture, increasing our productivity and setting up long-term competitive advantage for Renewal SA.

“We’re on a journey and while we certainly have a way to go, we’re bolder and braver than we’ve ever been and I’m very proud of the inclusive workforce we are building.

“Our people are hands-down our greatest asset and at the very heart of everything we do.

“It’s also critical that our workforce mirror the vibrant and varied communities we serve and are seeking to impact through our property and projects.

“We are doing things better and seeing positive results. I am grateful to the entire Renewal SA team for its divergent talents, without which we could not create the modern and dynamic workplace we need in order to achieve the impact we seek.”

The award win was underpinned by a number of Renewal SA’s initiatives and activities, including, but not limited to:

  • an ongoing commitment to a united future for First Nations and non-Indigenous peoples and to ensuring that agency has the cultural capabilities and understanding to attract, retain, include and support First Nations employees
  • investment in female talent and Renewal SA’s work in growing female participation across the development industry through active involvement in the Property Council’s Girls in Property program
  • the agency’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and Action Plan and Flexible Working Guidelines
  • participation in the Diversity and Inclusion Committees of both the UDIA and the Property Council and support for their initiatives
  • the forging of training, work experience and employment pathways for people of diverse ages, genders, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and abilities through Renewal SA’s Works Program.

Over the next 12 months Renewal SA is aiming to further increase the number of women in leadership positions, as well as increase the number of First Nations people the agency employs across its projects and the number of staff it recruits who are under 30.

As an organisation that is inescapably tied to land, Renewal SA is also committed to becoming a leader of reconciliation and integrating First Nations cultures into all aspects of project delivery.

“As the diversity of our workforce grows, so does our organisational strength and performance,” said Mr Menz.

“We are better problem-solvers, decision-makers, cultural brokers and innovative thinkers.

“We undoubtedly enjoy our jobs more, too.

“This award means a great deal to us and further cements Renewal SA as an employer of choice.

“I can’t wait to see what our workforce – and our projects – look like in a year’s time once we have realised our vision.”

The full list of 2022 Awards for Excellence winners is available here:

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