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Playford Alive

A step forward in addressing South Australia’s housing needs as the state government unveils its comprehensive Housing Roadmap. This initiative aims to bolster the "A Better Housing Future Plan," delivering homes more quickly to meet the rising demand. Renewal SA is at the forefront of this endeavour, implementing key initiatives to drive this housing agenda.

The Housing Roadmap introduces a series of measures, including the largest ever land release, the abolition of stamp duty on new homes, enhanced rights for renters, expanded workforce training, faster home construction, significant infrastructure investment, and an increase in public housing.

Renewal SA is tasked with a critical role in actualising these initiatives, which align with its mission to address the acute housing shortage across both urban and regional areas.

Renewal SA is currently managing 21 residential and mixed-use precincts, with the aim of delivering over 19,000 homes. Fast-tracked projects such as those in Seaton, Noarlunga, and the Playford Alive Newton Boulevard extension, along with future land releases in Onkaparinga Heights, Dry Creek, Elizabeth South, Magill, and Smithfield, are set to significantly boost residential land supply.

Key objectives and initiatives

Renewal SA is committed to supporting the state’s social and economic growth by driving new levels of housing affordability, liveability, and accessibility. A core element of our strategy is ensuring that at least 20% of homes in our projects are affordable, reflecting our dedication to fostering inclusive communities.

Renewal SA is overcoming challenges by collaborating with the Department for Housing and Urban Development and other agencies. The Department’s cross-government coordination and focus on policy will allow us to concentrate on delivering these projects efficiently.

Accelerating project delivery

Renewal SA is revising its procurement strategy to expedite project delivery. This includes implementing panel procurement, enhancing systems, increasing resources, and adopting best practice efficiencies. The establishment of a Renewal SA Builders Panel is a pivotal move, aimed at delivering 29 affordable rentals in the short term and expected to expand to future projects.

Affordable housing supply

Since March 2022, Renewal SA has announced projects that will deliver approximately 1,140 affordable homes for sale or rent, providing South Australians with new opportunities to achieve their housing goals at attainable prices. The maximum sale prices for affordable housing are set between $495,000 and $569,250 in greater Adelaide and between $381,000 and $438,150 in other regions. For land-only purchases, prices are capped at $222,750 in greater Adelaide and $171,450 in the rest of the state. Affordable rentals are offered at less than 75% of the market rate, ensuring broad accessibility.

Construction workforce plan

Renewal SA’s Works Program partners with registered training organisations to offer training, work experience, and employment through our projects. This initiative not only supports the construction of new homes but also delivers economic benefits by embedding employment and training opportunities within Renewal SA-managed contracts.


Renewal SA partners with private developers, investors and all levels of government and industry to enhance our projects for the benefit of South Australians.

Together, with the unwavering support of our stakeholders and partners, we are forging a path towards a more inclusive, affordable, and prosperous housing landscape for all South Australians

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