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Metal structure at the Bowden gasworks site.

Located on the city fringe, Bowden is one of Adelaide’s most exciting urban redevelopments.

You may have noticed some changes to the former Brompton Gasworks site and surrounding area as a result of recent, ongoing works.

The redevelopment of the former Brompton Gasworks site is the next step in transforming this former six-hectare industrial area into the Bowden Heritage Precinct — a great place to live, work and shop.

Once completed, the Bowden Heritage Precinct will be a lively and pedestrian-friendly space within the Bowden neighbourhood that balances retail, commercial, residential and community activity for residents and visitors to enjoy.

To realise this vision, the former Brompton Gasworks’ site, located within the heritage precinct’s six-hectare boundary, is undergoing remediation.

What has happened so far?

With evidence of both soil and groundwater contamination at the site, Renewal SA has engaged the professional services of Ventia Utility Services (Ventia) and Senversa, which are currently finalising a series of environmental investigations before remediation works begin.

To ensure the site is safe and suitable for the intended development, all investigation and remediation works will be independently audited by Michael Seignior.

Mr Seignior is a Site Contamination Auditor with more than 25 years’ experience, who is accredited by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

Major demolition works are now finished, and eight structures of cultural and historic significance have been retained, including three individually listed State Heritage structures.

In paying tribute to Bowden’s industrial roots, both the striking 21-metre-high former Gasworks Chimney and Chief Street Wall and framework were retained, along with The Retort House and East Street Wall.

During the process:

  • three sections totalling approximately 14 metres of the East Street wall were removed; and
  • our contractor carefully extracted the bluestone contained within these sections of wall. It has been safely stored for future use within the Precinct.

The removal of these sections has enhanced accessibility in the Precinct, and improved visibility of the retained structures. Some early works to remove redundant underground services and infrastructure have started.

What can you expect to see next?

Remediation to clean up the site is the next step for the Bowden Heritage Precinct.

As the previous location of the Brompton Gasworks (dating back to the 1860s), there is work to be done to prepare the site for future use.

Details to note include:

  • Final environmental investigations are progressing and expected to be completed mid-year.
  • This work is occurring during normal construction site hours (Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm).
  • Work on Saturdays may be required occasionally.
  • At times, you may notice dust, noise and odour during the works, however, keeping disturbances to a minimum is a priority.
  • Ventia will be responsible for remediating the site once this work is ready to begin and has an onsite office.
  • All works undertaken are endorsed by the Site Contamination Auditor.

Community drop-in session

Ventia, Senversa and Renewal SA will host an on-site community drop-in session before major remediation works begin.

This will be an opportunity to learn about the remediation works from the people managing the project and have your questions answered.

This session will be held at the Bowden Heritage Precinct.

Register and receive your invitation electronically.

More information

For questions relating to the remediation of the former Brompton Gasworks site, call Ventia’s Community Contact Line on 1800 009 414 or email [email protected].

For information about the future remediation of the former Brompton Gasworks site, or about the plans for redeveloping the Bowden Heritage Precinct, visit the Bowden project page.

Alternatively, phone Renewal SA on 08 8207 1300 or email [email protected].

For information about the broader Bowden development, visit the Bowden website.

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