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Aerial view of Aldinga development area featuring manicured grasslands.

Renewal SA Acting Chief Executive Mark Devine said that the local community will be engaged during the preparation of the Structure Plan.

“Engaging with key stakeholders and the local community is a key component of the planning process,” Mr Devine said.

“Renewal SA has appointed Fyfe to prepare a Structure Plan for the desired future uses of the land.”

Fyfe is a South Australian based company with extensive experience in structure planning and preparing amendments to Development Plans.

The land owned by the Urban Renewal Authority is bound by Main South Road to the east, Aldinga Beach Road to the south, How Road to the west and Quinliven Road to the north.

Part of the land is the location for the future Aldinga birth-to-year-12 school, which is expected to be open for the 2022 school year.

In addition to this, the developed Structure Plan is expected to identify the desired future land uses, which will investigate road networks, open space, stormwater management, and a network for buses, cycling and pedestrians.

City of Onkaparinga Director of Corporate and City Services, Alison Hancock, said that Onkaparinga is one of the fastest growing regions in South Australia and Aldinga is a major growth area in our region.

“People are drawn to the obvious lifestyle, amenity and affordability benefits that Aldinga offers,” Ms Hancock said.

“This is why council has recently invested $5.6 million in the Aldinga District Centre and Library, and further investment to revitalise Old Coach Road at Aldinga, which has seen a local boom in boutique businesses, cafés and local markets.”

“Our aim is to ensure meaningful community engagement at an early stage, so the Aldinga community can be assured they will be able to access everything they need including rail, road, new school facilities and utilities including water and wastewater services.”

“Any future development will reflect the unique character and identity of Aldinga.”

The City of Onkaparinga will work with Renewal SA, the state government, and the community to ensure that the area can sustainably cater for current and future residents, with the provision of adequate infrastructure investments.

“The Structure Plan will ensure that these significant infrastructure investments are coordinated and result in a well-planned extension to the Aldinga community,” Mr Devine said.

“Of particular importance is ensuring the new school and future rail station are seamlessly linked with the existing Aldinga area and the broader region.”

The land is currently zoned ‘Deferred Urban’ and located within the urban boundary defined in the 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide. The Structure Plan is expected to be completed by mid-2019 and will form the basis to rezone the land from Deferred Urban.

Up to 50 hectares are expected to be utilised for infrastructure including the rail corridor, railway station, Main South Road duplication and the new school. The remaining land is expected to comprise of urban development with the potential of around 1,000 new homes.

A stakeholder group comprising the City of Onkaparinga, Department for Education, Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and Renewal SA will oversee the Structure Plan process.

The land was purchased in 1989 as part of metropolitan Adelaide’s future land bank and is currently leased for cropping.

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