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Public thoroughfare lined with multistory buildings with a cafe on the ground floor of the main building in shot. Two white umbrellas are erected outside the cafe creating shade under the cafe seating area. Plants are lined between the footpath and where the cafe seating is situated, leading onto a public bike lane.

The Peet Group, which includes CIC Australia, proposed a medium to high-density development delivering more than 850 homes and accommodating about 1200 residents.

They were selected as the preferred proponent from four bidders in an Expression of Interest process, that was advertised nationally.

Under the proposal, the State Government will retain ownership of the land while the Peet Group will build the houses and other urban infrastructure – a model which has proven successful in other developments, such as Lightsview.

The development is expected to support an estimated 780 construction jobs over nine years and generate an estimated $265 million in housing investment.

Its draft master plan identifies a broad mix of housing types including more than 500 terrace homes, at least 230 apartments, retail/mixed-use space and 1500sqm of commercial floor space.

There will be a minimum of 15 per cent affordable housing and the development will have high sustainability standards as part of Tonsley’s Six-Star Green Star Community certification.

The development will be integrated with the existing and proposed Tonsley road network and will include a central reserve as well as a linear park for pedestrians and cyclists along the rail line.

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