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Lush green lawn and trees with the old Royal Adelaide Hospital in the background.

Stage 1 demolition works will include the East Wing building adjacent to the Adelaide Botanic Garden, returning more than half a hectare of land to open space.

“More than 2ha of land will be transferred to the Adelaide Botanic Garden from the old Royal Adelaide Hospital site, with more than 70% of the 7 hectare site to be accessible to the public.”
Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Stephen Mullighan

Extensive demolition works at the site will be undertaken in a staged approach, providing significant support to the industry for up to four years and generating local jobs. Combined demolition and remediation costs for the entire project are estimated to be more than $150 million.

The buildings earmarked for demolition were built between 1950 and 1980, with some containing asbestos that requires removal. Most consist of a mix of materials including metals, concrete and masonry that require separation, processing and removal from the site. All waste will be appropriately processed, and either removed or recycled and reused.

Five heritage-listed buildings will be retained and refurbished.

Given the site’s use as a hospital for 160 years, soil remediation by environmental specialists will be required to ensure it is made safe for redevelopment.

As such, the preferred demolition contractor will need to prepare a Construction Environmental Management Plan in accordance with Environment Protection Authority standard provisions for air quality including dust, noise, site contamination, waste and water quality.

Renewal SA also intends to engage a suitably a qualified independent Construction Superintendent for the duration of the Stage 1 demolition and remediation works. The appointed superintendent will be a key project liaison, providing written directions to the appointed Principal Contractor on behalf of Renewal SA and preparing weekly reports on project safety, program, progress and quality. The Construction Superintendent, Renewal SA and the Quantity Surveyor will work closely with the successful Principal Contractor to manage the scope of works, costs and delivery time frame for the Stage 1 demolition and remediation of the site.

With the imminent transfer of hospital patients, staff and existing services to the new Royal Adelaide Hospital in the West End, it is expected that demolition will begin later this year.

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