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Pink, blue, and white lights illuminating trees lined up on the Adelaide Riverbank at night.

Late last year the Adelaide Riverbank’s northern promenade became a boulevard of light with new feature lighting installed to enhance the natural beauty of the precinct while also improving safety along one of Adelaide’s most popular destinations.

Expressions of interest are now sought for an experienced contractor to design a low-energy lighting installation along 700 metres of the southern bank of the River Torrens. Requests for proposal close on Wednesday 22 March 2017 and further information is available via the Adelaide Riverbank website.

This lighting along the riverbank is just one of the ways in which the Adelaide Riverbank will be illuminated in 2017.

In addition the Adelaide Oval complementary colourful lighting scheme, and aside from the vibrancy brought by the Adelaide Fringe and Festival, interactive lighting and displays are activating new spaces created by the Festival Plaza redevelopment works.

Following the closure of the northern entrance to the Adelaide Railway Station last November, an interactive light installation has been built in this previously unutilised space. ‘Particle Play’ invites people to ‘come closer’ and using a sensor allows people to control their digital reflection – moving, dancing and playing virtual ping pong with a ball that appears on the LED screen.

Users interact with ‘Particle Play’ in the Adelaide Railway Station.

Heading to the Riverbank Footbridge via the detour alongside and behind the InterContinental hotel there is another interactive light installation – ‘Electric Candy Canes’. The 10 metre wide LED screen features five spinning rods of light that the audience can control the movement and colour of with the movement of their bodies, similar to ‘Particle Play’.

‘Electric Candy Canes’ responds to the movements of the audience.

Visitors to the area are also encouraged to try the virtual reality viewfinder surrounded by ‘eye-bending’, zebra like fencing that allows users to experience 3D renders of the planned Festival Plaza and Adelaide Casino redevelopments.

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