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Aerial view of the development area with the Glenside development boundary highlighted in lime green with a white border. Also featuring main roads with cars, established homes and buildings, and public open green space.

In December 2015, Renewal SA and preferred proponent Cedar Woods Properties Limited surveyed the community to gather feedback on the proposed Glenside Development master plan. The 131 responses received were used to compile the Glenside Development Stage 2 community consultation report, which is now available for public review.

Providing feedback on the draft master plan was one in a number of opportunities for the local community to be involved in planning the future of Glenside. The Stage 2 report follows on from the Stage 1 report, which was compiled after more than 900 responses were received during the first round of community consultation in February 2015.

In their feedback, respondents echoed many of the issues previously identified in Stage 1 of community consultation, including the importance of retaining significant trees and open space, the provision of recreational areas and preservation of heritage buildings.

Community feedback has been considered during the review of the master plan, which will form the basis of a Development Plan Amendment. Further consultation is scheduled for mid-2016 as a component of the Development Plan Amendment process.

Download the Glenside Development Stage 2 community consultation report or visit the Glenside Development project page for further information.

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