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A man holding a microphone and facilitating a panel of one women and three men. All panel members and the facilitator are seated on individual seats on an elevated stage, presenting to a crowd of people in seats.

Lot Fourteen, the former Royal Adelaide Hospital site, is a creation and innovation neighbourhood that is all about nurturing talent and driving jobs for our children in some of the world’s fastest growing industries like artificial intelligence, cyber security, smart sensor networks, robotics, big data, defence and space technologies, media and creative industries.

The three Future Thinkers panel sessions hosted as part of our 11 July 2018 Open Day event delved into our ever changing world and the way we do business in the digital age, the technologies that will lead us and the next generation of talent that will drive us.

The Future Thinkers panel sessions served as the catalyst for sharing entrepreneurial experiences and inspiring a more connected, creative and innovative world. Moderated by local media entrepreneur CityMag Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Josh Fanning, the panellists (listed following) shared their experiences with future entrepreneurs, sharing their take on this generation’s involvement in creating forward thinking industries.

Session One: Taking it Global

We took a look at Adelaide’s business focus and contemplate the question: are our businesses too focused on Adelaidians, instead of taking our ideas to a global market? Our thinkers provide their insight into what we can learn from creative big thinkers from around the world, while leveraging the benefits of doing business in South Australia.


  • Mohan Koo – Co-Founder & CTO, Dtex Systems
  • Dr Guy Turnbull (UK) – Social Entrepreneur & Former Managing Director, Care and Share Associates (CASA)
  • Flavia Tata Nardini – CEO, Fleet Space Technologies
  • Peter Auhl – Associate Director, Information Management, City of Adelaide

Future Thinkers, Session One: Taking it Global (July 2018)

Session Two: Pathways to Investors

The world of start-ups wouldn’t exist without the mythological figures known as investors, but how do you go from a start-up idea to gaining the commodity needed to succeed? Our panel of entrepreneur super stars answer curly questions about connecting the dots between start-up and investor. They’ll share the good, bad and the ugly of investment attraction and how they’ve managed to balance investor influence with innovation and creativity.


  • Kari Allen – Sparkke Change Beverage Company
  • Craig Swann – Founder/CEO, Looplabs
  • George Freney – Partner, 11point2
  • Daniel Floreani – Director, CyberOps

Future Thinkers, Session Two: Pathways to Investors (July 2018)

Session 3: The New Guard

With industries evolving, a new generation of thinkers is taking hold of the reigns. The changing of the guard to this new generation is inspiring new ways of thinking, creating a more connected, creative and innovative world. We talk to our panel of rising stars about their take on the new guard’s involvement in creating forward thinking industries as they share their successes and challenges as entrepreneurs.


  • Amy Orange – Founder, Harvest Fair
  • Clair Crowley – Co-Founder, The Good Scout Travel Co & Push Adventures (Hub Spark and winner of the 2018 eNVIes Awards)
  • Anton Andreacchio – Managing Director, Jumpgate VR

Future Thinkers, Session Three: The New Guard (July 2018)

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