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Site vision graphic of Lot Fourteen.

Here newly minted startups mingle with leading innovators while researchers and business leaders push the boundaries of artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity and the vast frontiers of space.

Renewal SA is providing development services to the State Government to deliver the Lot Fourteen neighbourhood, on the site of the former Royal Adelaide Hospital.

There are 28 tenant businesses and 608 employees at Lot Fourteen, 73 higher degree research students, and 40 startups, involving 143 residents in the startup hub.

Anywhere from 100 to 500 contractors and tradespeople are refurbishing the heritage-listed buildings to create new workplaces with character, demolishing obsolete buildings and creating inviting and accessible public spaces.

“The state government’s vision to create a globally recognised hub of inspiration, entrepreneurship and culture is coming to life here in front of our eyes,” says Di Dixon, State Project Lead in the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

“The response we get from interstate and international visitors is that they can’t believe this was a major public hospital just over two years ago.

“Now we’ve got an impressive array of businesses and organisations embedded and we’re on track to have 700 ongoing people working at Lot Fourteen by the end of 2020.

“The start-up hub, operated by the not-for-profit Stone and Chalk, was a key action in the government’s Future Industries Exchange for Entrepreneurs (FIXE) Strategy and its thriving.

“At the start of the year, we had the official openings at Lot Fourteen of the new Australian Space Agency, the SmartSat Co-operative Research Centre, the University of Adelaide’s Australian Institute of Machine Learning and Italian space industry company SITAEL.”

The state government is also working on the next wave of development at Lot Fourteen. This comprises the iconic Aboriginal Art and Cultures Centre (AACC) fronting North Terrace, the landmark Entrepreneur and Innovation Centre in the heart of the neighbourhood, and the International Centre for Food, Hospitality and Tourism Studies. These major projects, along with the Mission Control Centre, the Australian Space Discovery Centre and the Aboriginal Entrepreneurial Hub, have attracted Federal Government funding of $150m through the Adelaide City Deal.

Since redevelopment began, four heritage listed buildings have been refurbished, with work underway on the final two and some significant features of the public realm along North Terrace are expected to be completed mid-year.

Major milestones have been achieved in the $150m total demolition program of obsolete hospital buildings. Six of the ten major buildings earmarked for demolition have been removed, along with many smaller buildings and linking structures.

“The fact that we have been able to achieve so much in such a short time and to attract a very impressive list of businesses and organisations is proof to the world that we are serious about innovation and entrepreneurship here in South Australia and we do it very well,” Di says.

“We are creating the future now at Lot Fourteen and it is one that will offer plenty of opportunities for everyone to engage, work, discover, prosper and enjoy.”

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