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Silver-metallic 3D geometric sculptures erected in public city areas.

Many of the art works will be reinstated following the plaza redevelopment, including Bert Flugelman’s Tetrahedra and the Kaurna reconciliation sculpture, for which a smoking ceremony was held on 8 July. Work with Kaurna and Ramindjeri groups will continue throughout the plaza redevelopment project and an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan will be developed to ensure the sensitive removal and/or reinstatement of the Indigenous public art impacted by construction.

Understandably there were concerns about the impact of removing art works, particularly the Hajek sculpture, City Sign, which is built into the current plaza surface. Following approval from the Hajek Estate, a rhombus element from the original art work will be salvaged this Friday as a commemorative piece to Otto Hajek, and placed in storage until such time it is repositioned on the new Festival Plaza.

Arts South Australia has liaised with the artists and their families to ensure that the removal and/or reinstatement of each Festival Plaza piece is handled diligently and with respect to the artist. A strategy will be developed to determine how arts and cultural activity can best be incorporated into the plaza, using feedback from the public and creative forums.

Further information about the impact of the redevelopment on Festival Plaza art works is available in the frequently asked questions located on the Adelaide Riverbank website.

Early works access

Early works in the precinct will begin later this year with the lowering of Festival Drive. This will enable direct on-foot travel between the Riverbank Footbridge and Adelaide Railway Station; and by separating pedestrian and vehicle access, moving around the Riverbank will be safer for everyone. Tenders for the early works are expected to be awarded in August, with preliminary on-site works expected to commence in late August/early September. Northern access to Adelaide Railway Station will not be restricted until end of September at the earliest.

Car park

On site demolition of the current car park is expected to commence in February 2017 to enable the construction of the new 1560-space car park and public realm, which is expected to be completed by 2019.

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