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Artist render of the exterior of proposed venue 'The Guardsman' featuring a busy restaurant with waitstaff serving diners.

An exciting new venue is coming to the Adelaide Railway Station later in the year with SKYCITY Adelaide revealing plans for a stunning new bar and dining hall that pays homage to the Station’s rich heritage.

Access to The Guardsman bar from the main concourse will provide visitors a special opportunity to marvel at the Station’s impressive architecture before stepping inside the new grand central bar with its open kitchen and multiple areas to dine, drink and catch up with friends.

The new entertainment space will be delivered through SKYCITY’s $6 million restoration of the former Overland Dining Hall.

Artist render of the interior of proposed venue 'The Guardsman' featuring a busy restaurant with waitstaff serving diners.

An artist's impression of how the former Overland Dining Hall will look once transformed into The Guardsman.

The hall, which opened in 1928, has been used for storage for the past decade.

Renewal SA Director of City Projects Matt Hunt said: “As owners of the Adelaide Railway Station, we are excited by SKYCITY’s commitment to bringing this fabulous part of South Australia’s heritage back to public life.

The Guardsman will be a distinguishing feature of Renewal SA’s plan to revitalise the Adelaide Railway Station and will make a major contribution towards transforming the Station into a destination where people choose to start their journey, meet friends and make plans.”

Adelaide Casino General Manager of Marketing Greg Stirling said The Guardsman would revitalise a building full of history.

“It’s a unique opportunity to develop a part of the Railway Station that has not been used for many years and create a place where stories can again be shared and made,” said Mr Stirling.

Mr Hunt said Adelaide Railway Station’s revitalisation plan was underway to deliver an expanded retail and shopping experience for visitors and transport users.

“The Guardsman is one of a number of exciting new tenants coming soon to Station and we are looking forward to being able to make those announcements,” Mr Hunt said.

“More than 230,000 people use the Station daily — each new tenant will provide something extra special for visitors to enjoy, or offer products or services to make the ride for commuters more comfortable and convenient."

Find out more about the station revitalisation on the Adelaide Railway Station project webpage.

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