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Aerial view of Prospect development with area to be developed highlighted with a white square.

Much-needed new areas of green space are set to pop up in Prospect as Renewal SA moves to deliver a public park and other open space pedestrian links as part of a new housing development on the corner of Churchill and Regency roads.

The state’s urban renewal authority is seeking community feedback on the open space component of a future draft master plan for the development - specifically a Central Reserve that will provide residents with convenient outdoor open space.

Three concept designs for the new park have been released for public feedback today, 10 August 2022, offering a variety of amenities and facilities. These designs have been shaped by the Prospect community, including local primary school students, during an initial engagement phase earlier this year.

The concepts for community feedback include:

Central Reserve Concept 1: A reflective space with shady open and seated areas for walking and relaxation

Central Reserve Concept 2: A discovery space with interactive nature play and garden beds with edible indigenous species

Central Reserve Concept 3: An active space featuring a multi-generational active zone and additional lawn.

Two further green spaces are also planned, including a reserve providing direct access to the corner of Churchill and Regency roads and the nearby shopping centre. This space will offer shade and seating and incorporate feature walls to complement the landscape character of the Central Reserve.

Meanwhile, another reserve on the western side of the development will create a physical and visual connection to an existing bicycle and pedestrian path and the adjacent Islington Railway Station. This open space will include an accessible footpath, seating, and grass, and could incorporate incidental play elements such as a swing set or fitness equipment depending on the final direction of the Central Reserve.

Plantings across all three concepts have been selected to provide interest, colour, seasonality and to increase the local biodiversity through a predominant mix of native understorey plants. Deciduous tree varieties along footpaths will deliver a strong impact. In contrast, native trees have been selected for their evergreen habit and ability to handle wet and dry periods. These trees are intended to reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect over time.

“Prospect has one of the lowest levels of green open space out of any metropolitan Adelaide council. We are prioritising delivering a quality recreation area for future residents and those who already call Prospect home,” Renewal SA General Manager Project Delivery and Property Todd Perry said.

“One of our main focuses as the state’s urban development agency is to support local communities and improve the urban environment for South Australians. We know how vital a great local park is to giving people an easy option to exercise, get fresh air and connect with their neighbours.

“Community engagement is key to informing the amenities we deliver in our projects. I encourage those looking to purchase, and those already living in Prospect, to consider and give feedback on the three proposed designs.”

The 2.36-hectare development will have a significant focus on affordable housing and amenities that provide enhanced liveability including high-quality public open space.

“The demand for affordable housing is at unprecedented levels, so to have this parcel coming online for development, just 7km from the city, and with more than half of the homes to be built there eligible for purchase through HomeSeeker SA and HomeStart shared-equity arrangements is a huge opportunity for homebuyers,” Housing and Urban Development Minister Nick Champion said.

“The state government is committed to unlocking and accelerating more of these important local projects to help curb the state’s housing crisis.

“This project will generate close to 150 full-time equivalent construction jobs per year over the project's lifetime and contribute approximately $44 million to Gross State Product.”

Feedback from the second phase of the open space consultation will inform a preferred Central Reserve option. The community is invited to comment on individual elements of the park concepts and provide overall feedback via:

  • online portal Social Pinpoint from 10 August to 31 August
  • OR in person at Eliza Hall, Prospect Council (Payinthi), 128 Prospect Road, Prospect, during drop-in sessions on Wednesday, 17 August from 4pm to 6pm and Saturday, 20 August from 11am to 2pm.

Detailed design work for the Prospect development is continuing, with land divisions works scheduled to begin in 2023, followed by off-the-plan sales.

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