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Three young adults sitting on grass. A small crowd of people sitting on bleachers in the background. A public art wall mural can be seen on the back wall.

Story City is a smart phone app that uses your GPS to take you on adventures through the Adelaide CBD. Local artists and writers have been employed to create the narratives, which allow you to choose the path you take and let you be the hero of your own story.

There are currently two Adelaide stories: a time-travelling tale that takes you backwards and forwards through Adelaide’s history; and a hide-and-seek adventure with clues leading you to missing Moodlings (aliens) of the Never Galaxy.

We’re proud to have helped bring Story City to Adelaide through round two of our City Makers grants, which provide funding for projects that activate our streets and laneways, encouraging more people to live, work, play and invest in Adelaide.

Download the app via the iTunes store​​ or Google Play

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Watch a video on how to use Story City (below)​

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