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Two men standing behind a laptop at a desk, one wearing glasses and a navy-blue shirt which reads Myriota and the other man wearing a shirt and suit jacket.

New tenants, Chamonix IT Solutions and Myriota will bring over 100 people who specialise in the fields of big data, cyber security, defence and space technologies to the neighbourhood and are the catalyst in forming part of the greater Lot Fourteen’s entrepreneur ecosystem.

Lot Fourteen is home to private sector businesses, universities, research organisations, entrepreneurs and start-up businesses; a place to advance their ideas in the fast-growing industries of defence and space technologies, cyber security, artificial intelligence, and immersive technologies.

Renewal SA’s General Manger, People & Place Management, Georgina Vasilevski said Lot Fourteen is all about nurturing entrepreneurial talent, and creating jobs in some of the world’s fastest growing industries.

“Lot Fourteen is facilitating the creation of future jobs in deep technologies for our children and future generations to come,” Ms Vasilevski said.

“Lot Fourteen is on it’s way to cultivating a culture for innovation, talent and creativity, and with our first tenants beginning to coalesce in our neighbourhood.”

Chamonix IT Solutions works with organisations to achieve and maintain digital currency in today’s evolving market.

Chamonix IT Solutions Director Scott Grigg said the team applies a business focus in providing innovative solutions across a range of industries.

“From business and technology advisory to implementation and on-going support, we help businesses approach technological change with a solution that best suits their needs,” Mr Grigg said.

“With an on-going investment in innovation and emerging technologies, our new location at Lot Fourteen will create more opportunities to connect and collaborate with both local and global partners, such as Microsoft, Amazon and Adobe.”

Chamonix IT Solutions has experienced significant growth in the market with business and information transformation and will move into Lot Fourteen with sister companies such as exposé: Data Exposed who focus in data analysis and business intelligence, SecMatters in cyber security and Cortex Interactive, who provide innovative solutions for training and emerging solutions to create more interactive learning outcomes through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Myriota is an Adelaide-based satellite communications company specialising in low cost Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity.

Myriota CEO and co-founder Dr Alex Grant said Myriota is connecting IoT devices like sensors, utility meters, asset trackers and environmental monitors from any location on earth at ultra-low cost.

“Myriota is enabling the IoT revolution for a whole range of remote industries such as agriculture, mining, maritime, defence, and logistics across the globe,” Dr Grant said.

“We are in a phase of rapid expansion and are set to create over 50 new high tech jobs in the next couple of years. Moving to Lot Fourteen with access to world class facilities, in an exceptional location, joining an ecosystem of high tech innovators makes complete sense to us.”

Chamonix IT Solutions and Myriota will relocate into the recently refurbished and repurposed floors of the heritage listed Margaret Graham Building and historic Eleanor Harrald Building.

Further work spaces in the heritage refurbished Allied Health Building are expected to be available for a range of businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs from late 2018.

By the end of 2018, it is anticipated that University of Adelaide will be moving into the heritage refurbished Women’s Health Centre, becoming Australia’s first Institute for Machine Learning with around 130 researchers and academics.

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