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An older woman is standing in front of a house next to a younger woman with her arm around her.

A total of 317 Housing Trust homes in the City of Salisbury and the City of Playford received upgrades such as new kitchens and bathrooms, new roofs, structural repairs and painting.

Twenty groups of properties and two walk-up flat sites had outdoor common areas upgraded.

These upgrades are part of the state government’s $65 million Budget investment towards the rebuilding and renovation of ageing Housing Trust properties, providing better quality homes, while creating jobs and stimulating the local construction industry.

Three contractors carried out the works – Bettio Building Contractors, Doherty Trade Services, and Programmed Facility Management – and together they engaged dozens of subcontractors.

Managing Director of Bettio Building Contractors, Lui Bettio expressed that, ‘It is particularly pleasing to work with Housing Trust tenants who’ve taken really good care of their homes and (it) feels like we are able to give them something in return by improving their homes.’

Further refurbishments will be carried out this financial year, with approximately $340,000 left over in the $5 million project budget.

The upgrades are being carried out under Renewal SA’s Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs initiative to renew Housing Trust dwellings that pre-date 1968.

By of the end of October 2016, 769 development opportunities had been released, which is expected to result in approximately 1100 new dwellings total.

The state government’s $208 million 1000 Homes in 1000 Days program, announced in the 2015/16 Mid-Year Budget Review, is also progressing well.

This program is building new, energy efficient, better-designed public housing that will support not only tenants, but also approximately 400 jobs this year and about 500 jobs a year in 2017 and 2018.

As at the end of October 2016, 143 have been completed or are under construction with tenders issued for 183 more, and Renewal SA plans to issue further tenders prior to Christmas for the construction of approximately another 150 homes.

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