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Aerial view of Grand Trunkway Estate

Grand Trunkway Estate is located at the western edge of the Northern Economic Corridor and has strong transport links to Outer Harbor, the Interstate Main rail Line (IML) and Adelaide’s upgraded expressway system through the Port River Expressway.

Grand Trunkway Estate offers master planned industrial allotments suitable for a range of potential uses in an emerging key industry area. With Stage 1 sold out, Renewal SA is preparing for the commencement of the Stage 2 development, with construction works expected to commence later this year.

Renewal SA is also reviewing its portfolio to consider the future release of large unfilled allotments to the market to accommodate occupiers with large land requirements or those purchasers who have the capacity to fill and service their own industrial land.

Further development-ready allotments in Grand Trunkway Estate are expected to be released in 2024.

Property Address Area Property Type Status
Lot 101 Newhaven Road, East Grand Trunkway 10.35 ha Vacant Land
Upcoming Sale
Lot 1 Grand Trunkway Avenue, Gillman 5.24 ha Vacant Land
Lot 21, Grand Trunkway Estate, Gillman 9,422 m2 Vacant Land
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