Freedom of Information

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Freedom of Information Act

Our structure and functions

Community engagement

Proactive disclosure

The Government of South Australia has committed to making more government held information available to members of the public without requiring them to make a Freedom of Information request.

Renewal SA proactively discloses the overseas travel expenses of all staff, including the Chief Executive.

Click on PDF links listed in the table below to download an itemised report for each month in the current financial year. Where the total expenditure is ‘Nil’ no agency budget was spent on overseas travel in that month/year and there is no document to download.

Financial year 2018-19
Document (click to download)
June 2019
May 2019
April 2019
March 2019
February 2019
January 2019
December 2018
November 2018
October 2018
September 2018
August 2018
July 2018

Documents available to request

Policy documents

Renewal SA’s policy documents can be broadly classified in the following subject areas:

  • Asset Management
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Communications & Engagement
  • Corporate Governance
  • Environment
  • Finance
  • ICT Management
  • Office of the Chief Executive
  • People & Culture
  • Planning & Design
  • Project Delivery.

Documents held within Renewal SA

Documents held by Renewal SA fall broadly into categories described below, either in hardcopy or electronic formats.

  • Corporate files containing correspondence, memoranda and minutes
  • Policies and procedures
  • Personal information
  • Finance, expenditure, procurement and contracts
  • Annual reports
  • Administrative records
  • Documents relating to the functions of Renewal SA.

Documents available for inspection (whether as part of a public register or otherwise)

Renewal SA currently hold many series and consignments of permanent records at State Records of South Australia’s permanent repository. Some of these include, but are not limited to:

  • Land Disposal dockets
  • Urban Project Site files
  • Land acquisition dockets
  • Allotment sales – South Australian Land Commission and successor
  • Corporate files
  • Land Management dockets
  • Board agendas and papers
  • Land Development dockets
  • Factory construction program files
    Project files
  • Infrastructure development projects

Documents available for purchase

Renewal SA does not have any documents available for purchase.

Documents available free of charge

The following types of documents and information are available on the agency’s website or upon request:

  • Reports and publications
  • Annual reports
  • Policies
  • Newsletters
  • Media releases
  • Brochures
  • Fact sheets

Apply to access or amend documents

Where to send applications

Accredited FOI Officer Renewal SA
GPO Box 698


Application to review a determination under FOI

If you are dissatisfied with a determination made under the FOI Act, an application must be made in writing in accordance with Section 29 or Section 38 of the FOI Act or by using the application form.

Contact details for Ombudsman SA

Phone: 8226 8699
Toll Free: 1800 182 150 (within SA)

Contact details for South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT)

Phone: 1800 723 767

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