Affordable housing

We're committed to delivering affordable housing in our projects and programs and supporting industry to do the same.

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About affordable housing

Renewal SA is responsible for increasing the supply of affordable housing so that South Australians have opportunities to live where they want at a price they can afford.

15% affordable housing

Affordable Homes Program

Since 2007, the Affordable Homes Program has been helping low- to moderate-income earners buy their own homes.

Affordable by finance

Working with financial institutions can help boost sales and improve the purchasing power for buyers of affordable housing.

Speak to your financier about these options for overcoming financial barriers for buyers:

Affordable by design

The way a house is designed can have significant impacts on the ongoing costs associated with living in the home as well as impact comfort levels and enjoyment.

We work with industry using these design measures to help make housing more affordable:

Statistics & reports

Housing affordability reports describe the nature of local housing supply and demand.

To help industry understand housing affordability issues, we’ve developed reports highlighting key housing demand and supply data.

Information about housing demand and supply is organised by local government area, as well as an overview for the state.

Information in the reports below is intended to be used to establish affordable housing demand.

The reports are also useful for market research for the residential industry to identify housing demand, as a starting point for local government research for housing plans and supply information for academics and researchers.

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