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As the South Australian Government’s leading urban development agency, we improve the lives of South Australians now and into the future by leading, supporting and driving investment and growth through property and projects.

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Who we are

What we do

We coordinate, develop and deliver projects and initiatives through our people and collaborative partnerships for the benefit of all South Australians

Growth and leadership through property and projects

Our Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan is formulated on a foundation of four pillars

In December 2021 we looked back at the outcomes from the first 18 months of delivering our Strategic Plan. This is reported in our Key Achievements July 2020 - December 2021 document.

During this period, we were able to bring a number of significant projects to market, unlocking millions in investment, development and employment for the State, while also making changes to our business.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far against the goals we set ourselves and of the development pipeline being created for South Australia, and will continue our focus on driving economic growth in South Australia through property development and urban renewal projects of scale.

State strategy

Planning and urban renewal

Renewal SA delivers on a range of outcomes from the Planning Strategy for South Australia, which sets out the long-term vision for land use and development in South Australia.

Urban renewal in South Australia is guided by The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide, which describes the state’s plan for how Adelaide should grow to become more liveable, competitive and sustainable. Released in 2010, the plan was updated in 2017 to respond to new challenges and opportunities, and ensure Adelaide is a city that continues to inspire, excite and be a great place to live.

South Australia is undergoing the biggest modernisation of its planning system in 20 years with the implementation of planning reforms.

To learn more, visit PlanSA which forms part of the SA planning portal.

Growth State

Growth State is the Government of South Australia’s commitment to grow and accelerate our economy through partnerships between government and industry in the areas of trade and investment, skills and innovation, infrastructure, and land, water and environment.

The plan seeks to unite the goals of the public and private sector to encourage greater investment in our economy, address economic barriers to growth and attract the best and brightest people to work and live in South Australia.

Renewal SA is one of South Australia’s powerhouse agencies of economic growth and drives this through property and projects across commercial, residential, industrial, high value manufacturing and mixed-use. We continue to play a critical role in contributing to the South Australian Growth Agenda, stimulating the creation of jobs and bolstering social and economic growth for the state.

We also generate training and employment opportunities through our contracts to support jobs as well as traineeships and apprenticeships.

Infrastructure and housing

Renewal SA coordinates and negotiates the development of neighbourhood infrastructure as outlined in the Urban Renewal Act 1995.

We also play a role in delivering the 20-Year State Infrastructure Strategy, which sets the long-term direction and priorities for infrastructure development in South Australia. The statewide strategy aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Sustained economic and jobs growth
  • Planned population growth
  • Connected and productive regions
  • A vibrant, global Adelaide
  • Enviable liveability.

We work with the SA Housing Authority to deliver the Our Housing Future 2020–2030 Strategy—a plan for a better housing future for South Australia—by coordinating activity and opportunities across the housing sector.

The success of the strategy will depend on partnerships between all parts of the housing sector, including the construction and development sector, government and non-government organisations, housing customers and the broader community.

Annual reports

Each year the Urban Renewal Authority (trading as Renewal SA) provides annual reports for submission to Cabinet.

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