About Renewal SA

We provide an integrated approach to urban development on behalf of the Government of South Australia.

Through new ways of delivering urban revitalisation, we help create innovative places where people want to live, work and play.

Our roleState strategyAnnual reports

Our role

We develop connected, accessible places that enhance South Australia’s distinctive lifestyle. Through meaningful partnerships with communities, industries and organisations we create energising opportunities and living progress.

State strategy

In support of other government priorities, Renewal SA plays a leading role in providing opportunities for industrial and commercial development on designated employment lands to support jobs growth and influence productivity and economic development.

The Planning Strategy for South Australia

Renewal SA delivers a range of outcomes from the Planning Strategy for South Australia.

The Planning Strategy has three objectives:

► maintain and improve liveability
► increase competitiveness
► drive sustainability and resilience to climate change.

The Planning Strategy sets out the long-term vision for land use and development in South Australia. It is a requirement of section 22 of the Development Act 1993 and consists of seven volumes that cover the entire state.

The Planning Strategy volume that Renewal SA is concerned with is The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide.

The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide

Through The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide, Renewal SA’s ongoing strategic role includes identifying and assembling development sites for the state.

We create detailed precinct plans through consultation with government agencies, local communities, councils and other stakeholders.

Consultation centres on the best delivery of appropriate infrastructure, human services, streetscapes and open spaces. We carry out consultation before development starts, either directly with interest groups and communities or through private sector representatives.

South Australia’s Strategic Plan

Through the delivery of a range projects and activities we contribute to the following South Australian Strategic Plan targets:

Target 7 Affordable housing: South Australia leads the nation over the period to 2020 in the proportion of homes sold or built that are affordable by low and moderate income households.

Target 8 Housing stress: South Australia leads the nation over the period to 2020 in the proportion of low income households not experiencing housing stress.

Target 56: Strategic infrastructure, provide key economic and social infrastructure to accommodate population growth.

Target 60: Energy efficiency, dwellings; increase the energy efficiency of homes by 15% by 2020.

Target 63: Use of public transport; increase the use of public transport to 10% of metropolitan weekday passenger vehicle kilometres travelled by 2018.

Target 75: Sustainable water use; South Australia’s water resources are managed within sustainable limits by 2018.

Delivering an
urban future

Annual reports

Each year the Urban Renewal Authority (trading as Renewal SA) provides annual reports for submission to Cabinet by the Minister for Planning.

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