About Renewal SA

We provide an integrated approach to urban development on behalf of the Government of South Australia.

Through innovative ways of delivering urban renewal, we help create places where people want to live, work, invest and spend time.

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Our role

We develop connected, accessible places that enhance South Australia’s distinctive lifestyle. Through meaningful partnerships with communities, industries and organisations we create energising opportunities and living progress.

State strategy

Renewal SA plays a leading role for state government in providing opportunities for industrial and commercial development on designated employment lands to support jobs growth, while influencing productivity and economic development.

Growth State

Growth State is the Government of South Australia’s strategy to stimulate the economy and population of the state through policies, programs and projects that enable the nine key industry sectors to drive growth in the areas of trade and investment, skills and innovation, infrastructure, and land, water and environment.

Renewal SA is contributing to the growth of South Australia with its pipeline of development projects and by supporting innovation in key industry sectors such as defence, space, energy and hi-tech through the redevelopment of Tonsley and Lot Fourteen, which attract local and international investment. We also generate training and employment opportunities through our contracts to support jobs and traineeships/apprenticeships.


Renewal SA delivers on a range of outcomes from the Planning Strategy for South Australia, which sets out the long-term vision for land use and development in South Australia.

Urban renewal in South Australia is guided by The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide. Released in 2010, and updated in 2017, the plan describes a bold vision for a more liveable, competitive and sustainable metropolitan area.

In 2020, South Australia will have a new planning system supported by a clearer and more collaborative vision and priorities for our whole state.

To learn more visit the SA Planning Portal.


Renewal SA’s role in coordinating and negotiating the development of neighbourhood infrastructure is outlined in the Urban Renewal Act 1995.

We also play a role in the delivering The 20-Year State Infrastructure Strategy, which sets the long-term direction and priorities for infrastructure development in South Australia.

The statewide strategy aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • sustained economic and jobs growth
  • planned population growth
  • connected and productive regions
  • a vibrant, global Adelaide
  • enviable liveability.
Delivering an inspiring urban future

Annual reports

Each year the Urban Renewal Authority (trading as Renewal SA) provides annual reports for submission to Cabinet.

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