Social Housing Renewal

Through its social housing renewal initiatives Renewal SA delivered increased housing affordability and sustainability, and generated housing stock that is better suited to address the needs of current and future social housing tenants.

Social housing renewal is now administered by the SA Housing Authority.

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Renewal SA's roleRenewing Our Streets and SuburbsBetter Neighbourhoods ProgramOne Thousand Homes in 1000 Days

Renewal SA's role

Working with private industry, not-for-profits and other government departments our social housing initiatives resulted in thousands of aged South Australian Housing Trust homes being replaced and refurbished, while generating more affordable housing through new build infill projects.

Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs

Better Neighbourhoods Program

The Better Neighbourhoods Program (BNP) used a model in which aged properties are demolished and the vacant land is subdivided into smaller allotments.

New homes are built and vacant allotments sold are on the open market to cover the costs of the program, which remains cash neutral by identifying the most suitable sites to deliver the best outcomes.

The Better Neighbourhoods Program has been successful in improving suburbs and creating better integrated and more sustainable living environments.

It has upgraded streets and neighbourhoods at minimal cost and provided opportunities for affordable home ownership in sought-after locations.

The Better Neighbourhoods Program has reduced the impact of relocations from future development areas by placing tenants in new, better matched housing, and has created affordable housing opportunities for private sale as either affordable land or homes to cater for first home owners.

In addition, the introduction of private ownership alongside newly developed social housing opportunities in areas originally with high levels of social housing concentrations has helped with the destigmatisation of some suburbs through significant dilution of public housing concentrations in those areas.

One Thousand Homes in 1000 Days

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