Goodman Court South Plympton Renewal Project

The urban renewal of Goodman Court is part of the state government's Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs initiative, which is renewing South Australian Housing Trust properties built before 1968 and located within 10 kilometres of the Adelaide CBD.

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About the project

Goodman Court, South Plympton is a one hectare site situated approximately seven kilometres south-west of the city centre.

The project involves renewing the site currently occupied by 52 South Australian Housing Trust properties.

Bordered by Pleasant Avenue, Mavis Avenue, Monash Street and Scott Street, it is an excellent residential renewal opportunity, with nearby public transport, shops and other services

Close to public transport, Adelaide city centre and the coast, renewing Goodman Court will provide an ideal opportunity for more people to live in a great location.

Renewal of this site will aim to:

  • create a mix of new, private and social housing
  • provide a range of housing types to suit different households and lifestyle needs, including families, older people, singles, purchasers and renters from across a range of income levels
  • contribute to improving the appearance of the local area
  • increase housing options close to public transport and other services.

Design and location of buildings

In designing and position the buildings, our aims are to:

  • integrate the new housing with the surrounding neighbourhood
  • have taller buildings towards Pleasant Avenue with lower height buildings on the other street frontages
  • have varied types and styles of housing
  • set new housing back from the street to allow space for small front gardens
  • minimise the overshadowing of homes and adjacent properties
  • make public areas safe
  • create an attractive environment by good use of sustainable landscaping
  • include car parking for the new homes on site, rather than on the street.

Building features and sustainable living

The buildings should:

  • have a high quality contemporary look
  • use a variety of building materials and styles
  • be visually interesting through the details of features such as balconies, screens, shading devices and fences.

Buildings should enable sustainable living by:

  • reducing energy consumption through cross ventilation, solar access and passive thermal design
  • exploring the use of recycled, reusable and/or low embodied energy materials
  • encouraging residents to use sustainable transport through easy access to footpaths, cycle paths, public transport, local shops and services
  • providing affordable housing for purchase and rental.

Site control plan

134A Goodman Court

Community engagement

Renewal SA conducted a community drop-in and chat session for local residents in October 2016.

Project progress

An Expression of Interest (EOI) was released by Renewal SA and closed in December 2016.

Developers and parties interested in deliver and providing new housing opportunities were invited to make a submission in response to the EOI.

Renewal SA will work with the successful developer to prepare plans for the site.

The community will be invited to comment on the developer’s plans.

Demolition work to prepare the site ahead of development will commence shortly.

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