Fort Largs

The former Fort Largs Police Academy site is 7.4 hectares of beachfront land offering significant lifestyle advantages.

The site will become a high quality residential development that is sensitive to the site's heritage and ensures the long term viability of its heritage assets.

About Fort LargsProject goals & progress

About Fort Largs

The Fort Largs site is significant for South Australia. In addition to its great historical importance, the land is positioned in a beachfront location offering health and lifestyle benefits including running, walking and cycling paths and is connected by rail to the Adelaide CBD.

Fort Largs offers the potential
to create a sought-after development
with the lifestyle benefits of its location

Project goals & progress

Preferred proponents AVJennings will work with the National Trust, the City of Port Adelaide Enfield and state government towards a common goal: to preserve the site’s heritage while maximising its development potential.

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