The urban renewal of Felixstow is part of the state government’s Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs initiative, which is renewing South Australian Housing Trust properties built before 1968 and located within 10 kilometres of the Adelaide CBD.

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The plan

The Felixstow Neighbourhood Renewal Project will replace ageing South Australian Housing Trust homes with new homes, create better quality social housing, increase housing choice and affordability, and create jobs.

Project plan

  • Create a vibrant mixed and balanced community by reducing the public housing concentration
  • Provide a range of housing types to meet varied lifestyle needs and budgets primarily comprising one- and two-storey homes
  • Deliver new social housing and innovative small lot housing to achieve a range of housing styles for differing lifestyle needs including affordable housing choices

Renewal outcomes

  • Improve the quality of public housing
  • Focus housing growth in established suburbs, close to transport, and other services and facilities
  • Improve access to affordable housing through purchase and rental
  • Improve the aesthetics and amenity of streets and open space
  • Create jobs for a range of businesses in the building and constructions industries and supporting services.

The neighbourhood

The following image is an indicative concept plan and subject to change

Community consultation

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