Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs

We're renewing our streets and suburbs by replacing old homes with new homes, creating better quality social housing, increasing housing choices and affordability and enhancing the liveability of South Australia.

Renewing Our Streets and SuburbsBenefiting communities and industryBetter homes for tenantsRenewal opportunitiesNeighbourhood Urban Renewal Projects

Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs

The Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs initiative aims to renew aged South Australian Housing Trust dwellings, which includes a program of redevelopment and refurbishment.

Benefiting communities and industry

Our goal is to encourage housing growth in existing suburbs, close to schools, hospitals and other services to create healthy, affordable and liveable neighbourhoods.

Renewing our streets and suburbs means we'll provide more affordable housing for South Australians.

Better homes for tenants

Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs has a continued focus on sensitively relocating and transferring tenants in order to provide more suitable homes and improve the availability of social housing.

Renewal opportunities

The Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs program is estimated to generate more than 1.2 billion of private and government investment, supporting approximately 1600 jobs each year for the next five years.

Neighbourhood Urban Renewal Projects

Homes completed and more out to tender as we approach 1000 days

28th February 2017 in 1000 Homes in 1000 Days, Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs

Fifty more SA Housing Trust homes have finished being built, bringing the total to 75 new homes that have been completed throughout  metropolitan Adelaide, as well as in country areas since the project began. So far properties are already...

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Installation of solar on public housing delivers jobs and energy savings

22nd February 2017 in Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs

South Australian Housing Trust tenant Bryan May's home is one of 400 across the state that will benefit from the installation of a solar PV system. Late last year, the state government awarded a tender to install up to 200 solar photovoltaic...

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Works Program: creating jobs for unemployed and better lives for tenants

20th February 2017 in Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs, The Works Training and Employment Program, Tonsley

Late in 2016 Renewal SA’s Works Program, TAFE SA and Junction Australia launched a first-of-its-kind program that produced benefits not only for local unemployed people but community housing tenants too. The Junction Australia Live Training...

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