Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs

We're renewing our streets and suburbs by replacing old homes with new homes, creating better quality social housing, increasing housing choices and affordability and enhancing the liveability of South Australia.

Renewing Our Streets and SuburbsBenefiting communities and industryBetter homes for tenantsRenewal opportunitiesNeighbourhood Urban Renewal Projects

Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs

The Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs initiative aims to renew aged South Australian Housing Trust dwellings, which includes a program of redevelopment and refurbishment.

Benefiting communities and industry

Our goal is to encourage housing growth in existing suburbs, close to schools, hospitals and other services to create healthy, affordable and liveable neighbourhoods.

Renewing our streets and suburbs means we'll provide more affordable housing for South Australians.

Better homes for tenants

Renewal opportunities

The Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs program is estimated to generate more than $1.2 billion of private and government investment, supporting approximately 1600 jobs each year for the next five years.

Neighbourhood Urban Renewal Projects

Student art mends fences at Brownlow

14 February 2018 in Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs

The Brownlow demolition site has provided an opportunity for young local artists to showcase their work to the public, while demonstrating how such activities can help connect people with place.

Parkside Apartments upgraded

14 February 2018 in Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs

More than 20 South Australian Housing Trust (SAHT) apartments in Parkside will be given a makeover with a $4 million investment by the state Labor government.

Sale of prime land to launch Felixstow Neighbourhood Renewal Project

13 February 2018 in Felixstow, Neighbourhood Renewal Project, Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs

A 9.3 hectare staged redevelopment is due to be released to the market for sale in the popular suburb of Felixstow, in Adelaide’s inner north-east.

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