Better Neighbourhoods Program

Better Neighbourhoods Program is a self-funded program to renew communities with aging housing trust homes across Greater Adelaide.

About the Better Neighbourhoods ProgramProgram snapshotProject progressProject targets

About the Better Neighbourhoods Program

The Better Neighbourhoods Program helps to create sustainable, diverse communities by redeveloping areas with high numbers of aged social housing.

The Better Neighbourhoods Program (BNP) was started by Housing SA in 2002 to renew communities by replacing ageing South Australian Housing Trust homes with newer and more suitable types of housing.

The program has been successful in improving suburbs and creating better integrated and sustainable living environments. It has upgraded streets and neighbourhoods at minimal cost and provided opportunities for affordable home ownership in sought-after locations.

BNP will build 713 new social housing dwellings and approximately 899 sales allotments.

The Better Neighbourhoods Program is a cost-effective solution to urban regeneration that creates more sustainable communities.

BNP is self-funded, with spending recovered through sales of newly created land and homes. The program remains cash neutral by identifying the most suitable sites to deliver the best outcomes.

BNP has a budget of $187 million to be spent from 2015/2016 to 2019/2020, with million in revenue to be achieved, and a current yearly expenditure of $45 million.

Redevelopment sites are usually chosen in areas with high concentrations of aging social housing.

Relocation arrangements are always discussed with tenants so that transitions are as positive as possible.

Renewal SA demolishes the aged properties, subdivides the vacant land into smaller allotments, builds new homes and sells the vacant allotments on the open market.

Of the new homes built, about half are three-bedroom dwellings and the remainder are two- and four-bedroom homes, which better match Housing SA’s current tenant profile.

The program demonstrates our commitment to building sustainable communities as a basic principle with environmental sustainability as a key factor.

BNP is an important part of a larger strategy toward meeting South Australia’s social housing needs including those of existing and future customers.

The program is part of the Renewing Our Streets and Suburbs strategy, which aims to renew 4500 pre-1968 Housing Trust homes located within 10 kilometres of the city by 2020. It is also aligned with the 1000 Homes in 1000 Days initiative.

Program snapshot

More than 800 jobs
have been created
in construction and related industries.

Project progress

Since 2002, BNP has achieved:

Project targets

The program will be striving to deliver greater diversity and innovation in dwelling type, form and density. It will deliver a higher level of master planning and more affordable housing in existing urban areas.

Targets for 2017-18 include:

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