Building Our Future

We forge partnerships with communities, industries and organisations to generate living, lasting progress.

We are committed to fostering the full potential of communities.

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Affordable housing

Renewal SA is responsible for increasing the supply of housing that is affordable so that South Australians have opportunities to live where they want at a price they can afford.

We help South Australians live where they want at a price they can afford.


We deliver sustainable places and communities designed and developed as great places for people.

We incorporate sustainability into decision making, prioritising development around transport nodes and employment options, future-proofing against environmental and economic impacts and supporting the development of healthy, liveable places that also respect the local, cultural and natural environment.

We deliver sustainable places and communities designed and developed as great places for people.

Community planning

We aim to create communities that are diverse, affordable, inclusive and healthy. Communities that enhance social interaction and ownership, are safe and caring, and improve the wellbeing of those that live there.

We work with residents, communities and other stakeholders to plan and design residential areas to ensure that the resulting communities are safer, stronger, wealthier and more sustainable.

We aim to create communities that are diverse, affordable, inclusive and healthy.


Renewal SA facilitates the planning, coordination and negotiation of neighbourhood infrastructure.

Our role, in collaboration with state and Commonwealth agencies, local government and developers, supports the integration and timing of development and infrastructure in South Australia, particularly in areas identified for urban renewal.

We facilitate the planning, coordination and negotiation of neighborhood infrastructure.

Project planning

We carefully consider and investigate the potential for urban renewal projects in key sites which will offer improved neighbourhoods, attractive investment opportunities and jobs for the state.

We create planning certainty so masterplanned developments can proceed.

Environmental services

Our specialists in land, water, biodiversity, air and noise carry out environmental services for our projects and other government agencies.

We carry out preliminary site investigations, environmental site assessment, ongoing groundwater monitoring, site audits, remedial works and environmental due diligence on our projects. We also provide the same services for state and local government to help them meet their environmental obligations.

We carry out environmental services for our projects and other government agencies.
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